When God calls, you answer. I had a personal blog I kept for years, but wasn’t sure what for. I started it because I enjoy writing. I started it because I wanted to share what God has done in my life. Then I was downhearted and discouraged. I was confused. I had forgotten the reasons I started blogging. This resulted in the deletion of my blog. God kept calling me and I wouldn’t answer. I would find reasons why I was refusing. 

Years ago, there was a t.v. show I started watching called “When Calls the Heart” on Amazon Prime video. I talked to my family about it and now, we enjoy watching it together. Last year on my birthday, my mom presented me with a When God Calls the Heart journal signed by the producer of the t.v. show. I haven’t used it until recently when I found the perfect devotional I bought. When I was searching online for devotionals on Lifeway, I saw this particular one and prayed over my decision before I bought it. When I received it a week later, I was conflicted whether to star it on the generic journal I bought from Barnes and Noble or the When God Calls the Heart journal. I started reading the devotional up to the third day before I realized God was calling my heart again. The call to start my journey to become the woman He is molding me into. The call to start listening to Him without fear. The call to become more confident in Him. 

Reading devotionals and reflecting on them allow me to nurture my faith daily and not forgetting to connect with God at least for 5 minutes. I am easily distracted. It is better to see my thoughts written down so I can only focus on God and not the busyness of this world. I am starting this journey with the devotional entitled A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. I would like to share my reflection with you in hopes that you would join me in my journey. This blog will be filled with reflections of my daily devotionals now and more to come. I hope that you will be encouraged and be confident. I hope that you will also grow as you and I begin this adventure together.

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